Thursday 16 July 2015

You Are Invited To A Wedding...

Who doesn't love a wedding? The beautiful outfits, the glossy locations, the luxury food, the posh drinks, the arguments, the dramas...
It's publication day today for Meet Me At The Honeymoon Suite!! This is the fifth and final book in my Do Not Disturb series for HarperImpulse, five standalone stories linked by the same backdrop - a fictional luxury boutique hotel in London. Perfect for your summer reading list and the ideal length for whiling away a few hours in the sun with a glass of something delicious, this last story revolves around a wedding! 
Happy ever after…?

Fascinated by weddings since her mother was jilted at the altar when she was seven years old, Amy Woods is a brilliantly efficient wedding organizer, thanks to her ability to see past all the emotion and magic of ‘the big day’. Now, after years of being the assistant, she’s landed her dream job as Wedding and Events Manager at exclusive boutique hotel The Lavington. All she needs to do is pull off her first wedding weekend without a hitch…

Unfortunately the groom turns out to be her own marriage-phobic ex-boyfriend, proving yet again that Amy is good enough to be the warm up act but never the real deal. Then she breaks all her own rules and sleeps with the delicious but definitely off limits best man! To pull off the perfect weekend now, she will need to be her most clear-headed and emotionless. But as she gets to know best man Owen outside the bedroom, keeping herself focussed on the task isn’t so easy anymore.

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Don't forget, the first book in the series, Your Room Or Mine? is currently FREE - so why not treat yourself to that one too? Click the link in the sidebar for details.

I have had so much fun with this series of books and I admit to feeling a bit sad as I typed THE END on this last one, but onwards and upwards. I will be back soon with news of my next bigger project. 

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  1. Happy release day, Charlotte and commiserations on saying goodbye to the series. It's so hard to end stories and wave a fond farewell to characters you've been living with, isn't it? Looking forward to reading it!