Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Call!!!

I can't believe I'm writing this post!

A few days after I heard back from my editor with her advice and revisions for Chapters 7-9 of the WIP, I pick the small one up from preschool. I eject Dave the puppy into the garden for a pee break where he stands shivering in the rain. Then I casually check my inbox, only to find another email from my editor. Am I about for a phone call, she asks. I assume she's had another thought about the revisions and wants to talk them over with me, so I mail back to tell her I'm around for the rest of the day. A few minutes later she calls.

I only remember bits and pieces of the conversation. While we were speaking the small one opened the door and let Dave in, whereupon he immediately peed on my kitchen floor, and I still felt nothing but euphoria!

 Mills and Boon RIVA want to buy my book!!

 It turns out that after sending me the revisions for Chapters 1-9, my editor (who I really can call my editor now, hurrah!) sent the chapters on to the Senior Editor for the line, and she liked them enough to make me an offer! My celebrations are only just under way because I've sat on my news for a few days. Mainly because they wanted me to finish the book very quickly as they have earmarked it for a publication slot in December. That meant completing the revisions and writing the end in a very tight timeframe for my normal ability.

 I managed not to have a meltdown. Instead my lovely family have said nothing as I've allowed the house to revert to pigsty while I fiddle with the laptop at all hours. And I have told myself that if I can do this in the time required then I can do anything they might throw at me in the future. Today I have emailed over my full ms and signed my contract, and now I can finally relax and celebrate. I know there are likely to be more revisions, but the bulk of the work is hopefully done. I am so happy and excited I cannot begin to tell you!

Huge thanks to everyone who has offered me support and friendship since New Voices. Also for advice that's really helped, thanks to Scarlet Wilson, Maisey Yates and especially to Liz Fielding, who has kept in touch since NV offering me support and encouragement, and has never minded my mad questions.

Right, now I've pressed SEND, I'm off to clean the hovel house!

Monday 14 May 2012

Meltdown Is Over

I really should believe in myself more.

I wrote my last post as I was desperately trying to put together Chapters 7-9 of my WIP to send to my editor, who has been giving me feedback three chapters at a time. I was feeling pulled in all directions by the daily demands of looking after my tribe combined with my desire to just nail this story, and it felt like nothing was going right.

I had some lovely encouragement from friends, plus some brilliant tips on finding the time to write and juggle your life from the fabulous Maisey Yates. And after a few more days I finally managed to wrestle Chapters 7-9 into submission and emailed them over. I heard back from my editor the next day and I cannot express how relieved I was that she liked them. I still needed to do more revisions, my hero was still not alpha enough, but the bones of the story were there. It's a lot easier to improve what I have than write from scratch.

So all was not lost just because the puppy was peeing over the floor and I couldn't seem to sit down for longer than ten minutes at a time to write. Perspective thankfully returns.

On now to writing the ending, hurray!