Tuesday 10 July 2012

Diving in!

I am excited to say that my story proposals were more on the button this time than they have been in the past *wipes brow* and my lovely editor picked out the idea that I liked the best!

 After a couple of weeks of major league character planning, during which I filled out huge character questionnaires and imagined myself shopping, holidaying and goodness-knows-what with my hero and heroine, I am now ready to start writing the story. So in the next couple of days (small one has been ill, so everything has been on hold) I will be revisiting my plot board and getting started on Chapters 1-3 of The Date Pool (my pet name for the story, although my editor is calling it Alice and Harry).

Hope to blog in the next week or so about how it's going, can't deny I am super excited to be starting a new story but I am also trying to ignore Captain Doubt whispering about one-book wonders.

In the meantime I am taking part in Tea Cooper's roundup of the progress made by some of the entrants of New Voices 2011. Come and join me over at her blog if you have time for 'New Voices - Where Are We Now?'  www.teacooperauthor.com