Saturday 1 March 2014

My First Hot Harlequin KISS/ModernTempted!

My latest Harlequin KISS (Mills & Boon ModernTempted in the UK) is published today, and if you picked up my previous stories for Harlequin on the basis of their heat level, it might make you choke on your coffee!

When I wrote my first book for Harlequin, it fell under the RIVA imprint which was subsequently relaunched as KISS. At that time there were a wide range of sensuality levels offered under the same imprint - some books in the line were smoking hot, others (like mine) slammed the bedroom door after a snog and cut to breakfast. It soon became clear that this was confusing for the reader and as a result KISS/ModernTempted books are now sexy across the board.

The Plus-One Agreement is no exception - it has some pretty steamy scenes in it, so be warned. It also has my usual brand of fun, sassy storytelling and a quirky supporting cast that threatened to take over at times! I had so much fun writing it. For a sneaky peek at some of my inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here.

The blurb...

Successful job? Check. Swish wardrobe? Check. Mr Right?
Not so much...

Emma Burney might not have a man, but she has a very practical solution for that: the plus-one agreement. A guaranteed date for any occasion. The problem? Her date is the gorgeous Dan Morgan – the man she lusted after for years.

Dan is all about keeping it casual, so when Emma decides to call it quits on their arrangement he isn’t bothered. Well, maybe there’s just a little bit of dented ego. After all, he’s always prided himself on his plus-one prowess. So when Emma begs for just one last date…suddenly he’s got something to prove!

The excerpt...

'I could have spent this weekend working,' Dan said.

'Like you don't spend enough of your life doing that.' Emma led the way into the gallery. 'You can easily afford an evening and I need this opportunity to draw a thick, black and irreversible line under the two of us for my parents and undo the tissue of fibs I've told them.'

They walked slowly down the red-carpeted hallway, his hand pressed softly at the small of her back - the perfect escort as always.

'I really don't see why I need to be there for you to do that,' he said, smiling politely at other guests as they passed, maintaining the perfect impression. 'Especially since it's only a fake relationship.'

Even as he piled heavy sarcasm on the word fake he wondered why the hell he was turning this into such a big deal. Why should he care? It had simply been a handy arrangement, nothing more.

'Because the problem with it being a fake relationship is that it was a pretty damn perfect one,' she snapped. 'And so now I need a fake break-up.'

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  1. Congratulations, Charlotte! I've just bought it and looking forward to reading it this weekend :-)

  2. Thanks so much Tora! Really hope you like it x :0)