Wednesday 31 July 2013

My First Kiss!

No not THAT first kiss!! You don't want to hear about braces on teeth, school discos and red-haired Stewart Simpson who was a couple of inches shorter than me.

I'm talking about my first Harlequin KISS!

Known to those who followed this blog for the latter part of last year as The Book From Hell, it has since been renamed with the gorgeous title 'All Bets Are On'. And I am skipping around the house in excitement because release week has finally come around.

I got to read and approve the final edited version of All Bets Are On early this year, and to my utter amazement somewhere amidst all the angsting and crashing of head on table, the story somehow redeemed itself into being funny, sweet, engaging and (I think) the best thing I've written for Harlequin/M&B so far. For this I must thank my fabulous editorial team and also my family who put up with my whining and even threw ideas into the brainstorming mix (Lib I'm looking at you!) instead of forcing me to move out and live in the shed, I really wouldn't have blamed them.

So without further ado:


The stakes are high, but the prize is worth it!

Ask Alice Ford to shine in the boardroom and it's a done deal. Ask her to go on a first date, however, and she's a quivering mess! So, when she discovers that she's the target of an office bet—to get her into bed—it's her professional nightmare!

Office legend Harry Stephens is her unlikely saviour. He even volunteers to teach her just how to avoid a heartbreaker. After all, it takes one to know one….

But what is Harry really after? And when his kisses throw a curveball into the situation, is Alice ready to gamble  everything for love?


     'If you're thinking about dating again, maybe you'd like to go for a drink,' he said.

     'With you?'

     The question exploded from her lips in the form of a laugh. Because it was laughable, wasn't it? That after her past experiences she would look twice at someone like him?

     'Your amusement could be construed as an insult, you know,' he said mildly.

     'I can't,' she said. 'Sorry.'

     In Harry Stephens's world, of course, no meant maybe. He realised it was a simple matter of finding the right approach. Start small. And most important of all, offer some kind of incentive. Make her think he could be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

     'Just hear me out,' he said. 'I've got a proposition for you.'

     'What kind of proposition?'

     The upset tone had slipped from her voice. He could almost hear the ticking over of her mind. Her attention had been raised because he'd given his question a detached work-style tone.

     'I'm exactly what you need,' he said. 'To help you get back out there.'


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I'll be back soon with an update on the second in my Do Not Disturb trilogy, working title Room Service, featuring hot tennis player hero. I am currently racing against time (school breaks up imminently and the small one will be back in control) to get it subbed.

Happy summer all! xx

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