Friday 30 November 2012

Celebrating The Minxes of Romance New Release!

This week sees the release of the first anthology bringing together the talents of the fabulous Minxes of Romance, BLAZE.

Q: What could be more appealing than a lovely romance anthology?
A:  A lovely romance anthology with firemen!

This collection includes eight stories, all set in a fictional village in England's beautiful Lake District, and with each story focusing on a different member of the local retained firefighting crew.

It showcases the writing talents of eight of the Minxes, two of whom write for Harlequin Presents, another for Harper Collins, one for Pocket Novels and still another successfully self-published. Eight very different voices to try and a mix of heat levels to suit all tastes.

There are times when shorter length stories are exactly what I want - the fact that it's possible to devour the whole thing in one hungry gulp is brilliant - and a linked collection of stories like this one has added appeal because you still get that wider familiarity with characters and setting that usually only comes from a longer-length novel. They are also the perfect 'taster' for trying out an author for the first time - if you like what you see, there's always a backlist to follow up!

So what do you think? Do you like anthologies? Would a group of similar-themed stories or a linked collection like this one be an added appeal or do you prefer the depth of a full-length novel?

BLAZE is available now!
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To find out more about BLAZE, you can read Minx Romy Sommer's interview over at the Hot Pink Typewriter Blog from Monday or visit


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Charlotte. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we loved putting this anthology together!

  2. Thanks so much, Charlotte! Have fun with the firemen! (and the firewoman!)

  3. I did leave a comment but google ate it!
    Thanks Charlotte :-)

  4. Whoa! What a brilliant idea. There is NO WAY this isn't going to be a fantastic read. I'm heading off to Amazon RIGHT NOW.

    1. I know! It sounds fab. I'm right behind you!

  5. Stayed on the treadmill at the gym for an extra 15 minutes today so I could finish reading Romy's story. I love the heroine, she's fab!