Saturday 8 September 2012

RIVA's Back! And So You Think You Can Write...

RIVA is back with a bang!

If you haven't seen the gorgeous new covers click here to find the launch books and there is also a very cute Facebook App, where you can find out more about the RIVA titles, their authors, and enter a competition to win lots of RIVA goodies.

I am so happy to join the line at such an exciting time and can't wait to see what people think of its fabulous new look!

And talking of joining the line, I know without a doubt that if it hadn't been for Mills & Boon's New Voices Competition last year I would not be where I am now. Since New Voices has been amalgamated this year into Harlequin's global competition So You Think You Can Write, I want to recommend to anyone who might be thinking about having a bash at it, to put any doubts aside and go for it. You can find all the details here.

There is a ton of information and lots of writing tips to be found on the competition site and I will be checking out some of the articles myself - (I think because I have a contract I should know what I'm doing but a lot of the time I still haven't a clue. Writing is a massive learning curve and I am constantly making mistakes. Fortunately now I have a lovely editor to turn me round when I end up facing the wrong way but I still love a how-to book or a writing article!)

My advice to anyone taking part would be to immerse yourself into the experience as deeply as you can. When I entered New Voices, I read as many entries as I could, left lots of comments, watched all the podcasts and read all of the writing tips and articles posted by Mills & Boon. I literally squeezed everything out of the experience that I could. Even if I hadn't gone as far as I did in the competition, I learned tons in that couple of months. So if you are going to give it a go, loads of luck!

Back soon with an update on The Date Pool. :0)


  1. Hi Charlotte. It certainly worked for you didn't it. Loved your NV entry. And now you are a pubbed author (Yay!) I will be looking to you for advice - begging even. Can't wait to read your first of many :)

    1. Hi Tracey! I wouldn't be where I am without NV, no question. Really worth taking any opportunity to get your work in front of an editor. Tons of luck x

  2. Hi Charlotte, don't know how I missed you getting signed to Riva, huge congrats :-)

    Also wanted to let you know, if you're not already aware of it, about a local RNA group (I live in Wiltshire too). If you'd like me to pass on any details let me know -