Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Power Of Four

I have been tagged by the fabulous Michelle Smart. I now have a bunch of questions to answer and I have to pass it on by tagging four more people, apologies all!

 So here goes...

 Four places I have worked...

1) When I was a student back in 1993 I spent eight weeks temping as a Laundry Assistant for Anchor Foods at their Swindon factory. It involved loading huge machines with overalls covered in dairy products and then folding them up at the end once they were clean. I loathed the overalls used by the flavoured butter crew as when you checked the pockets you got a handful of garlic butter. Bleurgh!

2) Anchor was closely followed by a stint in the kitchens for an IT company. I was in charge of custard and don't think I got the proper consistency even once.

3) 2 years as a Recruitment Consultant for Reed Employment taught me that I am far too apologetic to be good at telesales. (Would you mind awfully giving me a couple of minutes of your time to talk about staffing needs? Oh, you've gone...)

4) Most recently I worked in various admin roles for the NHS. Best job ever because I worked with my best friends. Every day was like a party!

Four films I could watch over and over...

1) Jaws - first watched with my lovely dad when I was just a kid. The three lead actors and the suspense were perfection. I can be very boring about this film!

2) Dirty Dancing - Patrick Swayze. Need I say more.

3) Paint Your Wagon - a childhood favourite, laugh out loud, love it.

4) 50 First Dates - favourite romcom, best twist on the amnesia theme ever!

Four TV Shows... 

1) Dexter - I make the DH eke each series out over 6 months so I don't have to wait too long for the next one. Sad.
2) Supernatural - Dean. Closely followed by Castiel. If you watch you'll understand!
3) Game of Thrones - As long as I concentrate I can follow it.
4) Homeland - Best thing on TV in years. Except Dexter.

Four authors I enjoy...

1) Stephen King - the master of nostalgic childhood storytelling
2) Sue Townsend - laugh out loud fabulousness
3) Jill Mansell - I like my romance funny
4) Ally Blake (though close call with a number of other Harlequin authors) - I like funny, light-hearted escapism.

Four places I've travelled to... 

1) Venezuela
2) Italy (though not enough of it)
3) Formentera - Balearic Island holidays as a kid
4) France

Four websites I visit daily... 

1) Blogger
2) Twitter
3) Hotmail
4) Facebook

 Four favourite foods...

 1) Curry
 2) Christmas lunch with everything
 3) Chocolate
 4) Jelly Tots

 Four places I'd rather be...

 1) On a lounger by a pool in the sunshine anywhere exotic
 2) 3) and 4) See above

Four people I want to tag...

1) Tora Williams
2) Alexandra Fiennes
3) Jo Fino
4) Aurelia B Rowl

Sorry everyone!

Back soon with more news. Have a fabulous rest of the week!


  1. Yay, you did it! I see what you mean about our same taste with the TV shows. And Dean, ah yes, Dean... And, no, you can't be boring about Jaws. I'm assuming you didn't experience me tweeting my trauma as I sat through it the other night. "He's got under the boat! He's got under the boat!" It terrifies me, but I still sit through it EVERY time. Thanks for the insider info, really enjoyed it. xx

    1. I kept you company through that Lindsay - der der, der der, der der der der der der der...

    2. As if I wasn't experiencing enough trauma at the time. I'm just glad I went to bed before The Fog started! ;-)

  2. Sue Townsend! Yes - how I love her books. Recently reread the whole Adrian Mole Series. And yes, also I think Jaws would be up there too, nudging at my top four.

  3. I loved Fifty First Dates too! I love a good amnesia story.

    I've just posted my replies. I had a lot of fun doing it :)