Monday 7 November 2011

Introducing...The Blog

New Voices 2011 has just finished and by some miracle I managed to end up in the Final 4 with my entry 'Honeymoon With A Stranger'.

I haven't kept a blog before. As someone who squashes writing into the gaps between running a family of five, I didn't think I would have much to say on the subject that would be of interest to anyone but me. However, the wake-up call that was New Voices made me realise how much I like this writing thing. I've had a fabulous, brilliant time these last few weeks (possibly apart from the rather manic refreshing of my inbox that took place last Friday). And going forward I want to take it more seriously and aim high.

So... this blog is partly acknowledgment to myself that I'm going to work at my writing a bit more rather than just playing at it, and partly a way of recording the journey that will (hopefully in some dream world) end in publication. As mum to two teenagers and a three year old, I'm used to not being listened to, therefore although followers will be welcomed excitedly, I will blather on to myself quite happily anyway!

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